DIY Tips From The Experts:

The doctor or assistant can best estimate the situation of your baby when you provide as much information as possible. Below we give you some tips with which you can already collect information yourself:

  • With a measuring cup you can determine how much moisture goes into a cup or cup. Count the number of cups or cups that your little one drinks.
  • In babies, take a good look at the diaper content: are the diapers wet? Does your baby have diarrhea ? You can possibly weigh the diapers and keep this to check how much is in it.
  • Is your child already toilet trained? Then go to the toilet and see if your child pees a lot or little. And: how is the stool? You can keep track of how often your child urinates or has diarrhea.
  • Children who vomit often seem to keep nothing inside. To estimate this correctly, you can write down the times when your child drinks and eats and the times when your child vomits.

If your child has a fever for more than three days and the doctor cannot discover the cause, the urine may also be tested. Usually you can call later in the same day for the results and any recommended treatment.

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